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Our business profile

DECOTEK was founded in 2001 and quickly established a team of young and innovative professionals from different cultural backgrounds. The diversity of the DECOTEK team has enabled the company to form a unique perspective in architectural design. The company specializes in building environmentally friendly and safe constructions that cater to the needs and expectations of its clients. DECOTEK has a reputation for the successful delivery of complex projects across three continents, including such countries as Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Belgium, the Ivory Coast and the Netherlands.

What we do

DECOTEK specializes in all areas of construction and new-build projects, predominantly within the residential, administrative, and industrial sectors. The company has a portfolio of long-lasting client partnerships and award-winning projects. This level of customer satisfaction forms the foundation of DECOTEK’s success.

Our purpose

As DECOTEK we priorities the balance of aesthetics and sustainability. Challenging and constrictive working environments have driven our sensitive, innovative and bespoke approach. Our projects are not only architecturally striking and modern but they are also in harmony with the urban scene and the ecosystem. This includes using green energy in our constructions. Ultimately, our goal is to create constructions for the comfort and pleasure of our clients with the long-term vision to preserve nature.

We aim for reliability and efficiency in the construction sector through hard work, rigor and honesty.

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